{{Infobox }}ISIS are an Islamic terrorist organisation and the ultimate enemy of Revelation TV. Revelation TV believe that they can destroy ISIS through prayer and other methods.

Pranks Edit

ISIS have pulled of many pranks, making them nearly as bad as Gapehorner in the eyes of Revelation TV. They took inspiration from YouTube pranksters like SoFloAntonio, RomanAtwood and other funny people. Some notable pranks include the Paris Attacks of November 2015. ISIS exclaimed the trademark

Go on linda

Linda Glocke/Clarke, a troop of Revelation TV.

"it's just a prank bro", except said it in Arabic, which sounds like "Allahu akbar". This can often cause confusion.

War Edit

Because of these prank emails, ISIS currently have the United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Russia, the five powers of the world, all fighting against them. ISIS have been swatted from the air multiple times. Even a false apology video did not quell these airstrikes and ISIS is now going to simulate other YouTube pranksters and make themselves the victim.