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Ron McNiel (yes it's spelled ie, not ei) (aged 79) is the creator and presenter of Ron's Swap Shop on the mid-Eastern radio station WCHE. He is frequently pranked by Gapehorner, so much so that a Swap Shop show just doesn't seem right without it.

Ron's History and Personality Edit

Ron was born in 1937 in Utica, New York.

Ron has presented a lot of radio throughout his life. He, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, was a body builder during his younger years and still competes in the older categories in his local competitions. Ron has a large family and often posts on social media to say happy birthday or congratulate a new addition to the McNeil dynasty. He hate pranksters and Gapehorner especially, along with Howard Stern's Richard and Sal who called in the first hoax calls to Ron.

Ron considers sex and awkward things very taboo subjects and when they are mentioned on the Swap Shop, he gets very flustered and tries to change the subject. He gets even more worried when he is working with Diamond the Intern and these calls happen. Ron is mostly a happy and jovial person until he gets calls, in which case he insults them.

Ron's hardcore fans often come to his aid during prank call waves, most notably Eileen who threatened to track down Gapehorner live on air.

Ron seems to not like swearing but can say obscene words when he's very angry. In Arnold's Christmas Fest 2015, Ron left the show for a few minutes and personally got on the phone to Detective John Kimble (Gapehorner) and questioned him before losing his temper and calling him a "fucking asshole".

Like many other Tradio hosts, Ron sometimes threatens with the FCC and claims that calling Tradio is a Federal Offense. In reality, prank calling a live public radio station is perfectly within the law and it is nowhere stated by the FCC.

Ron body pic

Ron bodybuilding at the age of 73.

Pranks Edit

Swap Shop Brony Prank Call 12/9/2013 Ron McNiel Richard and Sal
Tradio (Ron's Swap Shop) 18/7/2015 Ron McNiel Prank Call King
867 5309 21/7/2015 Ron McNiel RandyDascher
Swap Shop Gjallarhorn 29/7/2015 Ron McNiel Richard and Sal
Tradio Prank Calls - Ron's Swap Shop 12/10/2015 Ron McNiel Gapehorner
Eileen vs Ron 13/10/2015 Ron McNiel and Eileen Gapehorner
Ron vs Himself 5/3/2016 Ron McNiel and Diamond the Intern Gapehorner
Ron's Explicit Items 10/3/2016 Ron McNiel Gapehorner
Ron McNiel Forever 17/5/2016 Ron McNiel Gapehorner
Independence Day: Ronsurgence 1/7/2016 Ron McNiel Gapehorner

Political Views Edit

Ron is a Christian and a Republican. He believes in equality and animal rights. He is not a fan of Obama. Unlike a lot of other Republicans, Ron is not in favour of Wall Street and corruption. He doesn't like Ronald Reagan and doesn't like war. Ron is very sure that global warming exists and often goes on rants at people who don't believe it exists. He claims that Justin Bieber is a girl in drag. Ron thinks that the end may soon come.

Oh, Ron!

Some of Ron's ramblings.

Personal Life Edit

Ron enjoys drawing pictures of animals and has set up a business for it called "Pet Portraits by Ron McNeil". Ron dislikes Heathrow airport as he could not use dollars to buy things while he stopped over on a flight there. Ron is a big lover of nature and animals and loves dogs especially. He currently resides in Wagontown, Pennsylvania with his wife and pets.

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